All schools are different. Each one has its own distinct personality.

For parents and children, the character of a school can be as important as its academic record in making that final choice.

The character comes from a combination of factors – the students, the staff, the ethos and the traditions, the location and even the school building itself.

Pacific7 Education makes films which promote individual schools and universities credibly and successfully, simply because we understand the importance of these various elements. And no one is better at capturing them on film.

Our experience comes from over fifteen years of making brand and training films for some of the world’s largest companies and brands, including Unilever, American Express, L’Oréal, Henkel, Boots etc.

Each one of these companies has its own character and each brand its own personality – just like a school.  Pacific7 has to ensure that these qualities are evident and consistent in every film that we make.

"I have just spent a hugely enjoyable time watching the films you and your team produced of Northwood Schools. They really are remarkable and showcase the school to its best advantage. What is particularly interesting is the way you have captured the spirit and essence of the different sites and that makes them very special. We have had a number of films made over the last 30 years and these ones stand out as being particularly inspiring."

Lady Katherine Colquhoun, Northwood Schools