High End Video Production

Pacific7 is a full service video agency.

We have a large, in-house creative team and an ever expanding resource of specialist, freelance talent. This means that we can handle projects of any size, from small, intimate studio shoots to large, multi-camera productions.

Creative development and strategy: Art direction, script writing, story boarding, casting.

Location services: Management and permits. Props and set builds. Studio hire and dressing.

Production Crew: We have a wide choice of award winning directors and DOPs to match any brief and they are supported by crews of highly skilled technicians.

Aerial camera work: We have been fortunate enough to film with some amazing helicopter pilots in spectacular parts of the world delivering stunning aerial footage.

Equipment: Pacific7 owns and maintains a bank of specialist, high-end, HD cameras together with the latest lenses and lighting equipment. This means that we have the in-house capacity to meet any production requirement.

Post-production: Our editors and animators will handle all of your post-production needs in-house, including sound design and colour grading.